Tao le Hâ – improvise with Electricity

Tao le Hâ – Improvise with Electricity: Electro Acoustic Performance for DIY sound objects, electronics, Magnetophone, prepared Electric Guitar by Franck Dadure  即興の電気音響性能  エレクトリックギター、エレクトロニクス、ゲスト用 ワークショップエレクトロニクス.

Sound description: (fr below)
Open Mind Music, improvised electricity passenger, dark underground soundtrack,
hairy cosmonaut with S.Dali electric guitar, distorted divinatoire Voodoo Sanza, sound night train between London & Tokyo, industrial electro acoustic, computer cake, Avant-garde-à-toi, électronique d’atelier, hazardous sound experimentations, trip-Hopper paint, Ambient life sous le plancher, cup of tea with attic citizens, warm atmosphere, large soundscapes, organic waves, unsafe Jeronimus Bosh Analog machines, Jack Vance effects pedals, 220 volts electrified cool Turkish Baths (we see your skeleton, it is beautiful masterpiece of art).

Improvised Electricity:The electro-acoustic ambient pieces of Tao are the result of improvisations on a prepared electric guitar, homemade sound objects (boatmade?) And recorfields captured on the ship with a tape recorder functionning (dixit Tao): « on the batteries of the sun « . A moving music, moving, enveloping, dreamlike, which calls for a poetic wandering of the spirit. 

Message in a bottle:
Attempted biography of Tao the Hâ, musician-composer, who drifts gently around the Chausey Islands on a wreck of rusty tanker that serves as home, record studio and radio transmitter. Without precise nationality, he expresses himself in an Anglo-Normand old and very colorful. The entire hold of « Electric Fishcat » is reserved for books, records, K7, cartridges of Craven A without filters, and bottles of Sake distilled on board, in the middle of which he falls asleep most often after long atmospheric musical sessions whose rhythm simply follows the swaying of the sea waves, the liking of the current.
Message dans une bouteille:
Tentative de biographie de Tao le Hâ:
Tao le Hâ, musicien-compositeur, dérive doucement aux alentours des iles Chausey dans un antique bateau-citerne qui lui sert de maison, de studio d’enregistrement et d’émetteur radio. Sans nationalité précise, il s’exprime dans un Anglo-Normand ancien et très imagé. Toute la cale de  L’« Electric FishCat » est réservée aux instruments de musique, livres, disques, K7, cartouches de Craven A sans filtres et  flacons de Saké distillé à bord, au milieu desquels il s’endort le plus souvent après de longues sessions musicales atmosphériques dont le rythme suit simplement le balancement des ondes marines, le gré du courant.